Tuesday, July 27, 2010


For those who follow me on Facebook...I have deleted my FB and may come back at some point. I must say it feels oh so good.

Love to all of you!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hello? Oh, hi Blog.

Yes, I have neglected you. Yes, I do miss you. No, no Facebook is just a hobby. Of course, you've been in my life for many years...I would never! Ok, alright. Yes, I understand you're hurt. I really do miss you! I PROMISE I'm gonna get better! I have a lot to share with you. Soon. When? Hmm....ok, this week. Sorry!

Monday, April 26, 2010

No hospital!!

I didn't have to stay!!! GOD IS SOOO GOOD!! Just got home...I am SOOOOO exhausted (actually WE are so exahusted! 10hr day at the hospital is a lot! Plus traffic..geez!) I'm trembling a lot (side effect of meds that has intensified the last 4 days due to the low blood and anemia) and have also been getting out of breath (also because of low blood) gotta go back to have other stuff done but they are really hoping for my body to regenerate and do its own thing...they REALLY dont want to have to do the tranfusion if they dont have to. Still no answers as to what is causing it but they will keep watching and studying. Aside from being short of breath my lungs are great. I will get new lab/ultrasound results tomorrow. Going to lay down and am really really sad that I am not going to make it to Training 4 Life tonight : (

Love you!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Just wanted to ask for a little prayer. I'm going in to UCLA in the morning. My blood levels are extremely low and continue to lower. they don't know what's causing it. In addition I am severely anemic and so they want me to come in to "study" and figure it out. There is a BIG possibility that I will be admitted to the Hospital to do a blood transfusion and many more studies. Please pray that this be a very short stay, that the source of what is happening in my body be revealed, and that my girls continue to feel at ease about it. We know that God continues to be in control! This will not keep our minds and faith off of HIM!! Please don't ask them anything about what is going on if you see them...they don't need to worry...just treat them like kiddos...they like that!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The B's

Apparently the B's is packed and is going on a 3 day vacation to San Francisco. She's driving her Barbie car and knows how to get there. She has plans with Nino. Manuel asked her if she had money for gas and she said "yep, I have ten dollars but I don't want to use it on that". I told her it was time for bed and she said "ah, good I get to leave". Then she quietly whispered "gotta get going". These are her bags. Their contents consist of 3 pairs of jammas, 3 pairs of underwear, earmuffs, 2 pants, and a shirt! She's sleeping on the couch so she can get ready to go early! (she secretly promised mommy she's not going anywhere)

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